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Sources for my spec files on Fedora

These are my spec files of some apps that are not available for Fedora. The specs are used in copr to build the packages.

Available COPRs

These are the available COPRs and how to use them:


To install the most recent version of i3-gaps:

sudo dnf copr enable fuhrmann/i3-gaps
sudo dnf install i3-gaps

To build locally:

rpkg local --spec i3-gaps.spec

Link to COPR: fuhrmann/i3-gaps


To install the most recent version of git friendly

sudo dnf copr enable fuhrmann/git-friendly
sudo dnf install git-friendly

To build locally:

rpkg --spec git-friendly.spec

Link to COPR: fuhrmann/git-friendly


To install the most recent version of ctop

sudo dnf copr enable fuhrmann/ctop
sudo dnf install ctop

To build locally:

rpkg --spec ctop.spec

Link to COPR: fuhrmann/ctop